NECA Haulathon 2022: The Swag Bag


March 25, 2022

For this years Haulathon NECA has provided the convention must haves – the swag.  We opened some today to answer a few questions.  What’s in the bag?  Are there different items available?  Do I need one of these?  Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

The first and most obvious is the black bag.  It’s decent quality and will definitely serve your haul needs for future conventions (or whatever purpose you choose).  Inside you’ll find five pieces of convention quality swag.  This includes a rubber Bob Ross coaster, Hello Kitty wristband, a sticker featuring Coraline, a sticker featuring The Boys, and a Creepshow magnet.  All bags contain the same swag so unless you just want more of an item there’s no reason to purchase multiples.  The swag bag can be purchased in Target stores for 4.99 or you can order online for those outside of the U.S.  Some Target stores have been giving these away with a Haulathon purchase so if you are interested in a freebie it might be worth asking an employee.  If you order online from Target, NECA is fulfilling the orders and including a free swag bag with each one.

Haulathon 2022 Collectible Tote Bag