DC Comics Dynamic 8ction Heroes DAH-45SP Superman (Black Suit) BBTS Exclusive


March 28, 2022

DAH-045SP DC Comics Heroes, Superman Black Edition’. This 1:9 live-action, limited edition collectable action figure brings to life Superman’s famous black costume from the comics. In the tight fitting suit, made of real fabric, Superman gets to show his strong physique and raw power with his defined muscles.

The super-textured black suit is made of real fabric and sports the all silver ‘S’ logo! Including a set of iron like chains and a collection of replaceable hands, the set also includes two replaceable head sculpts showing Superman in both a serious look as well as an enraged look, ready to cause havoc.

26 points of articulation give for a highly posable figure fit for any fan. This is a must have limited edition figure, with only 1,500 sets released worldwide, with each set also including a unique limited collectors warranty card. Make sure yours is order today and take to the skies with a unique take on the Superman hero we all know and adore!