First Look: Creative Beast Studio shows off the Tyrannosaurus rex Dino Riders variant


April 5, 2022

Creative Beast Studio shows off the Beasts of the Mesozoic 1/18 Tyrannosaurus rex, Kickstarter version (Dino Riders homage). The figure will measure 27”. 22 points of articulation with 2 part base, interchangeable standing lower legs, bandable tail end and alternate feet. Initially only 1000 models were to be produced, but due to high demand this product became exclusive to Kickstarter backers without a limit of models.

Other versions of the T-Rex include The Standard T-Rex with a color scheme inspired by a Earless Monitor Lizard, Walking with Dinosaurs homage Tyrannosaurus Rex, and a Grey Version for customizers.

The figure is set for release September 2022