Hasbro Reviving Starting Lineup Action Figures Fall 2022


April 20, 2022

Hasbro has quietly announced the return of a toy line that most collector’s in the late 80’s – 90’s will definitely recognize:  Starting Lineup.  For those unfamiliar, the line was originally released by Kenner during the sports cards craze of the 1990’s.  Figures were released for MLB, NFL, NBA, and NHL (possibly others I’m unaware of).  The toys had a very small amount of articulation and were closer to toy statues of your favorite sports stars.  Many collectors kept theirs sealed to preserve the contents and overall look of displaying on the card.  After losing the sports licenses, McFarlane Toys took over with their own sports lines.  And now, after all these years, Starting Lineup is set to return this fall.  The only real details Hasbro is sharing as of now is the date September 22, 2022.

Will this be the reveal date?  Is this the date they will be released/launched in stores and online?  We’ll let you know when we do.  Another question that comes to mind: with this being a reboot of the old line will they take the same path as G.I. Joe, Ghostbusters, Star Wars, Power Rangers, etc and create a true action figure (6″ with a lot of articulation).  I’ll be paying attention…and hoping.

Until then sports fans, what would you like to see?