Leaked: 7″ Mortal Kombat’s Commando Spawn by McFarlane Toys

ByBass Mendoza

April 21, 2022

Some pictures have been making the rounds on specialized Facebook groups, giving us a first look (seemingly official but low res) of a yet to be announced Commando Spawn figure, from McFarlane Toys line on Mortal Kombat 11.

This one is not to be confused with the 12″ posed figure previously released, as it seems to be part of the regular 7″ line; furthermore, it doesn’t’ seem to carry a set of guns, following the recent Warner Bros “no guns” policy on any of their licensed toys.

Some users have reported that they were able to pre order the figure from Amazon, but as of now there is no link to be found for it. Despite that the release date for them is expected mid July.

Although we’ll have to wait until then to verify that this is not an elaborate custom (or more obviously, an official announcement), this one looks like a no brainer, given that the Toddfather has been very keen on offering a wide assortment of variants of his favorite offspring.

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