The Masters Remastered Vol. 2: Madsaki Skeletor Available Today


April 25, 2022

After a successful run on He-Man and Battle Cat, Madsaki returns to Mattel Creations with the evil Skeletor.  The popular contemporary artist has created what they call his “vision of a pure 80’s bad guy”.  This very bright, neon Skeletor stands at 11.8″ tall and comes in some very groovy neon packaging.  If you are like me and were unfamiliar with Madsaki, one interesting thing I noticed was he credits the original Masters of the Universe cartoon for helping him learn english and fueling his artistic imagination.  To learn more about this artist and some behind the scenes on this new release click here.

While the 400.00 price tag will likely drive most away, do take a second to check out the pictures below and see Skeletor in all of his neon glory.

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