First Look: McFarlane completes the reveal of the CTB Atrocitus wave

ByBass Mendoza

April 26, 2022

The prophecy of the Blackest Night is complete!

After more than a week long tease, the leaks have once more proven correct, and now we’re getting official confirmation that the previously shown figures are part of a new Collect to Build wave, this time to assemble the leader of the Red Lanterns: Atrocitus!

The whole wave -Kyle Rayner, Black Lanterns Batman, Superman and Deathsorm- is coming out for pre order… Tomorro1! So stay tuned to see which retailers will be having them.

As a side note, even though Blackest Night was made as an extensive couple of waves back in the DC Direct era, the original designs definitely fit into the “cool factor” rule that Todd McFarlane applies to choosing which comic stories are going to be turned into plastic form, and Green Lantern fans surely would love to see their corner of Sector 2814 expanded with further waves, as Dark Nights: Metal/Death Metal did. (Just a hint… check back to see our front page, we have leaked news on that front!)

Are you one of those “hopeful” lanterns? Let’s us know in the comments below!




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