Leaked: McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse & DC Direct goes dark!

ByBass Mendoza

April 26, 2022

A brand new day, a brand new set of McFarlane leaks, coming courtesy of jijunetoc via Instagram.

This time we’ve gotten some pretty straight forward releases, and some veiled for interpretation; and since I’m not one to shy away from making semi informed assumptions on these leaks, join me in analyzing each one:

  • Black Adam /w Throne (Movie Version): Thrones are cool. We’ve seen it on statues countless time, and now action figures are catching up. Lex Luthor, Spawn… McFarlane has already started on it, and frankly, why stop now. This one is pretty self explanatory.
  • Shazam (?): My money is on the Fury of the Gods version; we haven’t heard much news lately on the movie, but it’s still on track for a 2022 release, so a wave of accompanying figures seems like a done deal.
  • Static (Michael B. Jordan project): This is quite surprising. We haven’t heard news on this production since it was announced late last year… but maybe uncle Todd knows something we don’t?
  • Blue Beetle & Booster Gold (Multipack): We got robbed of a beautiful two pack announced back in the late days of DC Direct, so this is a redemption story for these 2 beloved characters, and quite frankly I would just love to see them both the 7in scale and style from DC Multiverse AND the DC Icons.
  • Talon: It’s a Batman villain. It comes from one of the most acclaimed story runs in recent history. Say no more, give me a standard Talon and all it’s variants please!
  • Superman (Future State): Think Supes mixed up with He-Man, and you have that “cool” factor that Todd loves multiplied by a billion.
  • Superman (Hush): First of all, I’d love to see McFarlane going deep into the whole Hush line, so keep them coming. And of course, fans have been asking for an accurate, classic Supes look, and this.is.the.one.
  • Deathstroke (?): Unless he’s bound to appear on one of the new games that are on the pipeline, my bet is on an Injustice 2 version of the character, but we’ll have to wait and see.

  • Sinestro or Scarecrow: On this one, jijunectoc said that he’s not sure about who the listing is referring to since the word “fear”was describing this release. Since this is probably a continuation of the recently announced Blackest Night wave, both characters are viable options. I’d say we could see Scarecrow as a Sinestro Corps Lantern eventually, but Sinestro himself is the most likely to come out first.
  • Superman (High Speed Bullet): Here is another tricky one. I believe that the listing refers to the Elseworlds story “Speeding Bullets”, where Kal El lands on Gotham and is raised by Thomas and Martha Wayne. This means we could actually get Kal with his Batman suit, or as his Superman persona, appearing at the end of the comic. Both are pretty cool, so I’m fine if we eventually get both!
  • Bane (Megafig): We’ve gotten this leak before, and we thought it was a second version of the CTB one (we eventually got the deluxe Last Knight on Earth box), so this could be the one that everybody is waiting, a more classic look, and definitely a more solid (on the legs!) figure.
  • Nekron: It should be pretty safe to say -not really, but roll with me- by now that Blackest Night is the next wave that’s going to go deep diving into the extensive roster of cool costumes ready and ripe to be done by McFarlane, Nekron is a must, and I’m glad to see we could be seeing him as a stand alone figure, rather than a CTB one.
  • DC Direct Super Powers (Flash, Green Lantern, Batman Who Laughs): This is the second leaked wave about Super Powers, and I can’t wait to see what McFarlane Toys is going to do with them. We seem to get a confirmation on scale, 5in and smaller than their retro line; but even cooler, that they plan to make both classic figures from the line, and new characters using the same style!

Anyway folks, that’s it for now. Share your comments on these recent leaks with us, down below in the comments!

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