Leaked: New Gold Label and NYCC figures coming from McFarlane Toys

ByBass Mendoza

April 28, 2022

A new and extensive list of leaks has found its way online, coming from Facebook groups and validated by jijunetoc on Instagram.

Some of these appear to shade some light on the previous, less clear on details figures, but there are some brand new additions, tagged as New York Comic Con Exclusives; if you remember some of the Justice League movie figures last year came under similar conditions, and ended up being retailer exclusives rather than impossible to get figures outside of the Con floor.

Lets take a look at these…

  • Scarecrow (Infinite Frontier): Jorge Jimenez art has been crushing it on the pages of Batman, and some of his new creations are definitely action figure material -GhostMaker is coming this august and we’re still waiting on a Punchline- and Scarecrow is no exception; his version looks spooky as hell, and it should translate perfectly on the McFarlane Toys style.
  • Deathstroke (DC Rebirth): This wasn’t the most inspired redesign, but at least it will give us a pretty different figure from the previous Arkham Origins one. This is probably the one that showed up on the previous leak, so my predictions on an Injustice 2 one may have been rushed!
  • Static Shock (New 52): This one as well possibly brings more clarity on the previous leak, and in all honesty sounds more feasible than the one from Michael B. Jordan’s project. We’ll see!
  • Batman (Speeding Bullets): Now I’m thorn on this one. While it’s more probable that we’ll get a new Batman, the idea of bringing the Superman suit from the end of that comic sounded really good too -as reported this week- maybe we could get both?
  • Batrocitus: Does he appear in one single page of Death Metal #3? He sure does… but c’mon, it’s another Batman variation, that can be retooled from the recently announced Atrocitus… it’s Todd’s fantasy come true (and mine as well!).
  • Robin (Tim Drake Red Suit variant): I just don’t want to speculate on this one, my heart still aches for a proper Red Robin, but maybe we could be seeing the recent version from Infinite Frontier?
  • Dark Flash (Speed Metal): I admit that I didn’t read this speedster spin off, but the design looks cool, basically DCeased Black Flash, do I need to say more? There’s also a Gold Label version, which I don’t even want to think about how they could re tool to make him different.

  • Shazam (Gold Label): Could it be that the previously leaked one and this one are two different ones? Sure, why not. I’m still thinking it will be a movie version, but it’s also about time we get a proper, non infected Shazam from the comics.
  • Bat Family (5 Pack): Now I’m sure that this is the one that caught everyone’s attention. Some may say that Todd is taking the easy road here and just slapping 5 Batmen together, but jijunetoc tells us that it’s actually Bats with some other bat-members from the past. Picking and guessing the roster is going to be a favorite activity within the community, no doubt… my money is on an Infinite Frontier set, maybe from that very same picture I picked for this article?
  • Batman 30th Anniversary: I admit this one left me scratching my head. 2022 only has two anniversaries that fit this criteria (as far as I can remember, help me out if you know one I’m skipping): Batman Animated and the Batman Returns movie. I’m absolutely OK! with getting new figures from any of them.
  • Scarecrow (DC Gaming Amber variant): Scarecrow seems to be getting a lot of love from McFarlane! The Amber makes me think about the haunting glowy yellow eyes from Arkham Asylum… could it be?
  • Red Hood (DC Gaming Monochromatic variant): I really want to be wrong at the community’s reaction on this one, I know how heated is the debate on the value of Artist Proof variants, but this could be something different and cool: I’m thinking paint like the Black & White Batman statues, or even the Jim Lee “sketched” versions back in the DC Collectibles era.

Do you have your own theories and opinions? Share them with us in the comments!

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