McFarlane DC Multiverse Wal-Mart Exclusive King Shark MegaFig Back In Stock


May 2, 2022

Remember when Suicide Squad hit HBO Max?  How about that time when all you ever wanted was the King Shark exclusive MegaFig yet they were always out of stock, afloat upon the waves in a cargo traffic jam?  Or when you hit refresh on Wal-Mart for days just to get a little Nanaue with no luck at all?  If any of this brings back bad memories…your time has come.  With reports around the interwebs of some Wal-Mart stores beginning to receive ALOT of toys it was only a matter of time until they hit online too.  They currently have the exclusive King Shark in stock and ready to ship for 39.99.  While they show the non-bloody version in the images, I can confirm in past shipments they have shipped the bloody version.  I don’t believe it is a chase but it does seem to be shipped without any reason beyond randomness.  If you still need one of the best DC Multiverse action figures of 2021, click below and secure yours now!

King Shark MegaFig – 39.99