Leaked: First look at Black Adam movie figures from McFarlane Toys

ByBass Mendoza

May 9, 2022

Not all heroes wear capes… and jijunetoc is definitely one of those.

At the risk of angering the powers that be, he has once again verified his previous leaks with in hand pictures of some upcoming figures.

Batman from the Batman Hush multipack is one of them, and I’m sure a lot of folks are seeing what I’m seeing, he’s very close to be THE definitive Batman figure, certainly a more faithful look at Jim Lee’s designs (I’m looking at you, terrible Detective Comics #1000 headsculpt).

Going from beautiful heads to no heads at all, we get a glimpse at the rest of the body of a Scarecrow coming from his Arkham Knight appearance; no doubt related to the “amber edition” previously leaked.

Finally, we have our first peek at some of the Black Adam movie figures: The regular sized Atom Smasher, a very awesome looking Doctor Fate (remember that supposedly we’ll get both helmet and un helmeted versions of him), and Cyclone… which once again shows that female figures are not always the strongest suit of McFarlane Toys, let’s just leave it at that.

I’m quite sure that with these leaks, we’ll get official looks pretty soon, but in the meantime, let us know what you think about these new figures, and do you plan on getting them?

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