Super7 Introduces Czarface ReAction and Ultimate figures


May 9, 2022

When Czarface taps into the mindscape to communicate with extraterrestrial lifeforms, he appears as Cosmic Czarface! This Cosmic Czarface 3.75” ReAction Figure features translucent injection with blue glitter and includes a clear blue cape. Available now on

Czarface is a hip-hop juggernaut formed by Esoteric, 7L, Inspectah Deck, and artist Lamour Supreme. On Earth 808, in the war-torn streets of Czarlem specifically, Czarface is a champion to the righteous, menace to the corrupt, and a villain’s worst nightmare

Czarface ReAction Figure – Cosmic Czarface $20.00

Czarface ULTIMATES! Wave 1 – Czarface (Pre-Order) $55.00