Pre Order: Transformers Wreck ‘N Rule Collection


May 10, 2022

Introducing the Wreck ‘N Rule Collection! If a mission is a lost cause, the Autobots call in their toughest task force: the Wreckers. This elite strike team is prepared to rush in blasters-blazing and get the job done!

The Wreck ‘N Rule Collection includes 5 packs, featuring some of the toughest Wreckers across the generations. Each pack comes with a piece of the Wreckers hammer and exclusive packaging art. Collect all 5 packs to assemble the hammer and piece together the full packaging art scene.

The leader of the Wreckers is here, Comic Universe Impactor, plus new recruit, Spindle! Impactor is legendary for his unyielding strength and bravery in leading the Wreckers. Spindle, a new recruit, fiercely charges into battle by his side. Check back tomorrow for the next Wreck ‘N Rule Collection reveal!

Pre-order exclusively at amazon with limited quantities available on HasbroPulse! Pre-order begins at 1:00pm ET for Pulse Premium Members and for all fans beginning at 2:00pm ET.