Mezco Toyz Presents: The Amazing Spider-Man Deluxe Edition One:12 Collective


May 18, 2022

Mezco Toyz has announced the next release in their super popular Marvel One:12 Collective series: The Amazing Spider-Man Deluxe edition.  This classic version of our favorite web-head is absolutely loaded with extras and is a Spider fan’s dream come true.  Accessories include a web backpack, shield, and parachute (for those soft, safe landings), a spider sense alternate head with effects, and a super classic Spider Symbol web base.  And that’s only the start, also included are six spider tracers, four alternate heads, and 18, yes 18 alternate hands.  Even better?  There’s way more accessories I haven’t even listed!  The Amazing Spider-Man is set to ship late December – February 2023 and is available for preorder now at 120.00.  Click the links below to lock your preorder in and check out the gallery below for a look at this super cool addition to the Marvel One:12 comic universe.

Mezco Toyz – 120.00 plus shipping

Entertainment Earth – 120.00 (free shipping with code SPRINGFREE22)