Super7 G.I. Joe ReAction Female Combat Engineer


May 18, 2022

For the first time ever in toy form! Female G.I. Joe combat engineers have joined the ReAction collection, and come in nine different combinations of hairstyle, skin tone, and weapon accessory! Whether you add one or a few, these combat engineer ReAction Figures will make the difference for your G.I. Joe collection! Visit

Available Styles:

  • Short hair, pink, blaster accessory
  • Short hair, tan, satchel accessory
  • Short hair, brown, weapon accessory
  • Ponytail hair, pink, weapon accessory
  • Ponytail hair, tan, blaster accessory
  • Ponytail hair, brown, satchel accessory
  • Bun hair, pink, satchel accessory
  • Bun hair, tan, weapon accessory
  • Bun hair, brown, blaster accessory