Preorder: Marvel Legends Series Bombastic Bag-Man


May 20, 2022

Today Target announced their upcoming exclusive Marvel Legends retro collection release – the Bombastic Bag-Man!  If you don’t know the who, what, where, when, why, or how on this particular character then allow me to explain short and sweet.   After Peter Parker gets the symbiote, which gives him the super popular black outfit – look, he goes to the Fantastic Four to have it removed.  When it is removed, Peter has nothing to wear so Johnny Storm (the Human Torch) gives him an old style Fantastic Four suit to wear.  To further the “joke”, Johnny couldn’t find a mask so he gave Peter a bag for his head and placed a kick me sign on his back.  If you want to add this new retro collection release to your Marvel Legends setup, click the link below to head to Target and preorder.

Target exclusive – 22.99