First Look Wave: 1 Legends of Dragonore Figures – Updated 5/21


May 21, 2022

Obviously inspired by Masters of the Universe, the Legends of Dragonore has it’s own lore and unique characters. We get a glimpse at some pretty great looking figures that will be right at home next to your vintage Masters of the Universe collection.

The figures have been conceived and designed by Emiliano Santalucia and modeled by Peer Brauner.

Each action figure stands 5.5”, has six points of articulation and it is made of ABS and PVC plastic

In every Universe exists an ancient Secret Well. These Wells are portals between worlds and dimensions. Passageways used by heroes, monsters, and adventurers to explore new realms across the galaxies. Through Castle Dragonore™, the fearless Barbaro has left both his tribe and world to enter the Well, leading a group of Heroic Champions in a quest to retrieve the ancient Divine Armors of Power™ scattered across the dimensions. During their adventures, the Heroic Champions will encounter the dark magic apprentice Oskuro™ and his Evil Masters, who possess the power to transform the heroes into terrible monsters! Who will attain the Divine Armors of Power™ first?