Select McFarlane DC Multiverse Heavily Discounted At Target


May 22, 2022

Sunday begins a new week of sales and Target is ready to unload some DC Multiverse McFarlane action figures.  These prices are good in store and online.  Links are provided below if you’re an online shopper or for reference in case of any difficulties in store.  There has also been multiple finds across the country of the Batman Beyond 5 pack set (all four figures plus build a figure in 1 collector set) being found in store for 39.99.  It was available early online but unsurprisingly went fast.  Go get em DC fans!

The Demon – 8.74

Three Jokers The Clown – 8.99

Three Jokers The Criminal – 8.99

The Batman Catwoman – 9.99

The Batman Bruce Wayne – 9.99

Death Metal Superman (CTB Darkfather) – 12.49

Robin King (CTB Darkfather) – 9.99

Batwoman Beyond Unmasked – 9.99

Blight – 8.49

Inque as Batman Beyond – 7.94

Black Adam (CTB Frost King) – 12.49

Robin: Carrie Kelly (CTB TDKR Horse) – 12.49

John Stewart (CTB Frost King) – 12.49

Wonder Woman (CTB Frost King) – 12.49

Batman (CTB Frost King) – 12.49