First Big Look – Four Horsemen Reveal All Star Trolls Series


May 23, 2022

The Four Horsemen made huge news this Monday morning.  The Trolls are returning to the Realm of Myths!  Mythic Legions: All Star Trolls, is a new wave of two very popular past releases with a bonus.  The two lucky Trolls are Brontus, the mighty arena troll and Northlands, the ice troll.  These re-releases will include their original head sculpts as well as a new head sculpt (seen in the image below). The Trolls will be 110.00 each or 200.00 if you buy the pair.  The preorder for will run from 5/27 at 12pm EST until 6/26 at 11pm EST.  And for those in the need of some new threads the Four Horsemen are offering t-shirts featuring Northlands the Ice Troll.  They also teased Mythic Legions All Stars wave five:  the winners of the poll will be announced leading up to the full wave reveal and preorder at the end of July.  Stay tuned for more Mythic Legions news from the Horsemen and visit the link below for further information.

Mythic Legions: All Star Trolls