Star Wars Celebration 2022: Hasbro Announcements Recap

ByBass Mendoza

May 30, 2022

These past 4 days have been like Christmas for any Star Wars fans; for the first time in a while Celebration had a lot (and we mean it!) to show and reveal in every front, action figures and other collectibles included. So lets not waste another parsec and jump right into the extensive list of new releases coming soon from Hasbro.

The Inquisitors are coming to hunt you!

Obi Wan Kenobi as been out for less than a week, but we won’t have to wait long to put some of the amazing characters that appear on screen in our shelves; 2 episodes in, we’ve seen four of the “jedi hunter, force wielding, Sith-adjacent” Inquisitors and they all have their plastic counterparts announced.

The Grand Inquisitor, the Fifth Brother and the Fourth Sister are coming to The Black Series, with their super detailed 3D scans, and individually sculpted sabers that have removable blades! These will go up for pre order tomorrow (June 1st).

However, the one that gets the special treatment is no other than the Kenobi hater, the Third Sister. We’re getting three versions of her: the Retro Collection, Black Series and the Vintage Collection ones. You can pick the one that matches your favorite scale right now, as it is already up for pre order with a release window of September 2022 for Retro and Vintage, and January 2023 for the Black Series one.

Back to the drawing board with Disney!

The world of Star Wars would not look the same if it wasn’t for the visionary designs of Ralph McQuarrie, and this time The Black Series will be able to present the iconic fight between Darth Vader and Obi Wan Kenobi on an exclusive two pack using the artist’s original concept art. This release comes in partnership with Disney Parks and shopDisney, which means you’ll only be able to get in at their online store and onsite on Galaxy’s Edge (and sadly, a dream for scalpers). This set will go live for pre order on June 1st at

The Darkest series…

Besides those great announcements, the Black Series had a lot to show for the coming days.

The Clone Wars love is still alive, and this time a new release comes from the amazing final story arc of the show: Season 7 Darth Maul gets a new Black Series Figure, releasing next year.

Part of its 20th Anniversary, a new figure of Aayla Secura based on her Attack of the Clones look is coming on Spring 2023, and I couldn’t be more exited -I had a huge crush on her back in the day!- that we’ll get a fully articulated version of this Jedi Master.

Inspired on his new rank, Magistrate Greef Karga will have another figure, part of the season 2 wave of The Mandalorian.

The Gaming Greats sub line also grows, with the Riot Scout Trooper from the upcoming game Star Wars Jedi: Survivor; available for pre order on June 1st, exclusively through GameStop.

It’s not old, it’s just Vintage

The game has just been announced, but Hasbro isn’t wasting any time. Besides the Gaming Greats, The Vintage Collection will have it’s own carded three-pack of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor characters: the set will include a Riot Scout Trooper, a MagnaGuard, and a KX Security Droid, complete with their respective stun weapons and electric deco.

The Mandalorian doesn’t get behind, this time with the announcement of a Vintage Collection Dark Trooper that includes its charging locker as a sweet diorama like bonus, coming soon, on Spring 2023.

The titular hero of Disney+ new show, Obi Wan Kenobi will have a release with his Wandering Jedi attire, and as most of these announcements, it will go live for pre order on the 1st of June at select retailers, and a fall 2022 release window.

The 4-pack of Rebel Soldiers (Echo Base Battle Gear) from The Empire Strikes Back is the perfect addition for the army builders.

R2-SHW, Anton Merrick’s droid from Rogue One is also getting its time to shine as a new Vintage Collection release; and finally a new RETRO prototype edition will surely be one of the hottest collector’s sough after targets, with the new Multi Colored Luke Skywalker (Snowspeeder). Available for pre order exclusively at on July 1st.