Leaked: McFarlane DC Direct Super Powers Darkseid

ByBass Mendoza

June 4, 2022

Who can doubt the power of the Mother Box now…erhh, I mean the leaks! Because yes, once again we seeing for the first time a new sub line that we knew about well in advance, thanks to q_monitoss2099 and jamesbuchananwinchester on Instagram.

McFarlane Toys, under its partnership with DC Direct is expanding its offerings with a relaunch of the popular Super Powers line from the 80s -and more recently, redeveloped on a bigger scale and detail by Kotobukiya- even going as far as retaining the original blister look, and the first McFarlane logo they had a couple of decades ago.

Although this leak is exclusively from the Darkseid release, we’re getting a lot of details from it. First and foremost, we’re getting a 5 points retro looking figure, but with some sculpt details than those we’re used to see on these kinds of collectibles.

Then comes the back of the blister, that confirms we’re also getting a Batman (from the Hush storyline according to the leaks), a Superman, and 2 brand new vehicles: The Batwing and the Supermobile!

We still have to wait to get a confirmation on the scale, that can’t be fully realized in these pictures, but we’re guessing it should be around 3-4 inches.

As usual, after the leaked pictures an official announcement can’t be very far, so it’s not out of the realm of possibilities that we’ll get pre orders on this wave in the upcoming weeks. Stay tuned!