Great Deal On Thundercats Ultimates Package


June 6, 2022

Entertainment Earth has been offering various bundles/package deals recently, most of which have been really great deals on some pretty good action figures.  This one is really good…three Thundercats Ultimates for 94.50 and free shipping with codes SUNFREE22.  That’s around 33.00 each after taxes but including shipping.  The normal retail on these are 44.99 each.  Oh, and by the way, the figures in this bundle are the Thundercats leader Lion-O, Pumm-ra (the evil mutant Mumm-ra in disguise!), and the Snowman of Hook Mountain.  Click the link below to order (in stock, not a preorder)!

Thundercats Ultimates Package of Three – 94.50 (free shipping w/code SUNFREE22)