Shipping soon: Four Horsemen Illythia wave.


June 10, 2022

News from Four Horseman sudios:
If you caught the weekly “Four Horsemen O’Clock” show on our YouTube channel this Wednesday, you got to see some production samples of the deluxe figures in the Illythia wave. At the end of that stream, Chris and George shared this awesome image, which shows the scale of these new figures alongside Artemyss and Illythia. We really think this photo illustrates just how imposing some of these new figures will be!

Many of the Illythia wave figures are on the way from our factories to our warehouse now, and more will be shipping soon! They will be arriving in a few different shipments, and preorders will begin processing according to what is on hand. We can’t wait for you to get all these new figures in hands so we can see all the amazing photos, reviews, customs, and more that the Legions community will create with the Illythia wave.