PAF Vault: McFarlane Toys “The Joker” (Death of the Family)

ByBass Mendoza

June 11, 2022

Keeping our exclusive feature, the PAF Vault, updated is no JOKE!

This time, the Clown Prince of Crime joins our collection of Non-Promotional Action Figure photos; that way, you can avoid surprises and find out exactly what it looks like before making a purchase, how good the paint application is, its points of articulation, and the accessories it comes with.

The Joker is based on the comic story “Batman: Death of the Family“, and it was released by McFarlane Toys for its DC Multiverse line in 2022, as a Walmart exclusive figure.

Joker (4 images)

Click HERE to see all the pictures in our vault, and stick with us for a bit if you want to know the background of this insane figure (take a look at that deranged head sculpt and try not to tell us it is the stuff of nightmares).

When The New 52 relaunched the DC continuity, Joker took a step back for a year after his latest Arkham Asylum escape, leaving a lovely memento behind… his surgically removed face!

After that, his return was as messy as his smile -he decided that the leathery piece of skin was good enough with just some grapples over his bare face muscles, hence his and his action figure looks-; causing trouble to the whole Bat family and GCPD.

He claimed that his allies made him weak, so he tried to “help” Bruce by kidnapping and torturing Nightwing, Red Robin, Batgirl, Red Hood, Alfred, and Damian, ending up on a last supper at the Batcave with their faces removed. Although this despicable act turned out to be false, Joker did succeed on his agenda, leaving the trust between Batman and his family “dead” (because of the title… get it? Urgh, why so serious?).

And there you have it, some background on this very cool figure. Even though the body is modified from a 3 Jokers one, it is accurate to his appearance on the final issues of the comics (as well as that Bat-axe!), and the head sculpt is sublime, featuring a new mold with a good resemblance to the art style by Greg Capullo, the artist from that storyline.

Let us know what you think of this figure, and which other ones you’d like to see added to the PAF Vault in the future!