PAF Vault: McFarlane Toys “Killer Croc” (Arkham Asylum)

ByBass Mendoza

June 13, 2022

Changing the sewers for the PAF Vault, today we bring you a new addition to our Non-Promotional Action Figure photos; so you can know exactly how a figure looks, poses and which accessories it comes with if you’re looking to add it to your collection.

Killer Croc is based on his appearance in the Arkham Asylum video game, and it was released very recently on June 2022 by McFarlane Toys for its DC Multiverse line, as a Megafig.

Killer Croc (4 images)

You can check this and other action figures, by clicking HERE… and we invite you to keep reading to know a bit more about this tragic character from the Batman gallery of rogues.

Sometimes a wrestler, sometimes just a circus freak -depending on who’s writing him- Waylon Jones was born with a weird genetic condition or even more, Atavism, meaning he inherited reptilian traits. Mixed up with his metagenes, we’ve eventually seen him become more and more lizard-like, gaining enhanced strength, endurance, and even regeneration!

He hasn’t always been the brightest foe, his situation comes more from the fact that he’s always been shunned by society for his looks rather than for being absolutely evil (he did kill Jason Todd’s parents in the pre-Crisis continuity though) His story has evolved over the decades to turn him into an antihero instead of a villain, even joining the misfit group known as The Suicide Squad.

No matter how he’s been portrayed, he has always been popular appearing not only in comics but the animated shows, games, a ton of figures, and even live-action!

For this particular release, McFarlane decided to use his Arkham Asylum looks, even though he appears on City, Knight, and Origins as well, looking completely different each time… but they made a good job with the scaly sculpt and his animalistic features, and most importantly, his size.

Are you going to add him to your collection? Tell us in the comments, and don’t forget to request which other ones you’d like to see being added to the Vault.

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