Closer Look: Marvel Legends The Watcher


June 14, 2022

Originally released by Marvel Select in 2005, The Watcher has traveled a long, strange road to re-release. Originally, Diamond Select announced a re-release of this highly sought-after action figure in 2014. The following year he was cancelled and returned to watching from afar.

Fast forward six years and The Watcher once again was solicited and available for preorder, most selling out somewhat fast. Later that year, some of these were cancelled as well, making the status of this figure once again up in the air. It’s June 2022 and I can say The Watcher re-release is finally here.

The Watcher is a very intriguing Marvel character to me but I admittingly do not know a lot about the character. I do know the basics and added to never seeing this one in person I have been looking forward to its eventual release. There’s been many twists and turns along the way but now I can answer: Was it worth the wait?

Sculpt, Articulation, and Paint Application

The sculpt is very nice and detailed as are the majority of the Marvel Select figures. The face sculpt is neutral in expression but works very well in creating different looks by changing the position of the head. The cape has a very realistic appearance thanks to the combination of the sculpt and paint applications. This continues onto the sash across his chest and throughout the white clothing. All have very natural lines that combine for a realistic look. The Watcher’s arms and legs are muscular but not exaggerated or overdone. Overall I think the sculpt on this figure is very well done.

Features and Accessories

The Watcher only comes with a small purple base designed like the surface of a planet or moon. This figure stands well on its own but with the larger head size making it top-heavy I recommend using the included stand for display. It isn’t very large and looks nice on display.

The legs have no articulation which I again is believe to the top-heavy nature of this figure. From his feet moving upwards, the first point of articulation is at the waist where The Watcher can turn from side to side. His arms have a ball joint in the shoulders, and a single joint at each elbow and wrist. His head can be turned from side to side as well. While this is not a lot of articulation, it is enough to allow for a variety of fun poses. At the same time, it would have been nice to be able to position his legs in some form, even if just a little.


This figure is high quality. The cape is made of a thick, heavy plastic, the body and legs are solid, and the articulated head and arms have a good, tight feel to them. Nothing on it looks or feels cheap and the paint applications are very nice. I have no complaints in this area.


At 29.99, the value for The Watcher is very high. Not only do you get an action figure of high quality in sculpting, paint applications, and the articulation that is present, but you also get a character who rarely gets any action figure love. And this figure is huge. Coming in at 8 ½” tall (feet to top of cape) he’s no small Watcher. As I mentioned early on, my knowledge on the character isn’t the greatest, so along with not seeing one until now I was quite surprised at just how big this figure really is. All of these reasons contribute value to this release.

Overall Score



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