Closer Look: Jazwares AEW Luminaries Series 2: Sting #09


June 15, 2022

To start, I admittedly don’t collect much outside of superhero’s, I’ve always been a fan of wrestling, I’ve never really been a fan of the figures until I started picking these up and instantly felt the need to get more. I will say this figure gets a little more “nostalgia bias” but honestly, there’s nothing I could say any different about any of the other figures in the line.

Sculpt, Articulation, and Paint Application

The sculpt is what initially drew me to these figures. In my opinion, they either have a goofy build, or a goofy face, or both. This figure looks good on both fronts. The face sculpt looks very close to spot on, mind you he does have the added bonus of face paint to hide any flaws, but they did a good job capturing his stoic glare.

The body build is nice, a good representation of how he looks, I do have younger wrestlers in my roster and they do a good sculpt, not overly large but not comically small, just right. Figure has a torso swivel, upper arm swivel, and thigh swivel and standard movement at all joints. He’s not super bendy at the waist, if you go to far he does feel like he’s gonna break in half (he’s like 63 though so that’s standard) It’s good for some standard action shots but I wouldn’t go trying to pull a scorpion death lock. It’s not terrible though.

The joints come out of the box very easy to move, which does worry me some over time, but they do feel tight enough so your character won’t be doing the splits after awhile, if you’re an out of box collector.

This particular Sting does come with is iconic trench coat, and i mention this here because the coat is sculpted out of plastic and while I hate soft plastic clothing the jacket is sculpted very nice, like it looks like it was actually made for him, not cheaply made not super bulky and puffy and really pretty detail work, so while it does restrict his movement while it’s on, it does look really cool.

Features and Accessories

Like i mentioned above, this particular Sting comes with his iconic trench coat and bat, and two alt fist hands. I will say that one feature that this figure shares with the rest in the line is the packaging. I’m usually and out of box collector but I honestly love the packaging for these figures so much, each box looks like it’s own display case for the figure, I opened this one for this review and because I have two but I’m generally happy just buying the piece and hanging it on my wall.


Over all i feel like the quality of this figure is represented in its price point. The paint applications are nice, the face paint is clean, each detail is represented and it’s just generally fun to play with. If you’re a fan of the “sport” and it’s stars then this is a great way to have your own personal piece of the action.


Sports memorabilia is something I’m not too familiar with but I do know these figures tend to increase in value depending on the athlete, mainly NIB, but again, if it’s something you’re interested in I feel like these figures are a good investment.

Overall Score



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