Timed Exclusive: Mondo 1/6 He-Man Pre-Order Begins Tuesday


June 16, 2022

Almost seven years ago Mondo launched their Masters of the Universe 1/6 line with THE man himself, He-Man.  This was a new, modern interpretation by Mondo and kicked off a very popular and collectible line.  Now 10 figures later, Mondo is releasing another He-Man, and this one is the ultimate version.  This version comes in armor like He-Man used in Masters of the Universe 200X.  He has alternate head sculpts, one of which is vintage inspired, and alternate armors.  One of the armors is based on the original vintage Power Punch He-Man (and his odd shaped shield too) while the other is based on the original Battle Armor He-Man.  To reflect the battle damage, the panel doesn’t move like the original but the logo switches out to show wear.  Here’s a complete list of what’s included:

  • He-Man Figure
  • Neutral Portrait
  • Angry Portrait
  • Classic Portrait
  • Classic Chest Armor
  • Battle Chest Armor
  • Swappable standard and battle damaged “H” on battle armor
  • Power Sword
  • Classic Shield
  • Battle Axe
  • Ankle Knife
  • Ankle Knife Sheath
  • 5 interchangeable hands
  • Thunder Punch Chest Armor
  • Thunder Punch “Electric” Punch interchangeable hand
  • Thunder Punch Power Sword
  • Thunder Punch Shield
  • Thunder Punch Gems

This is a timed exclusive, meaning it’s limited to the amount of preorders received during a period of time.  This ultimate 1/6 He-Man goes on sale next Tuesday (6/21) at 12PM CT and retails for 260.00.