First Look: Four Horsemen Dark Templar Preproduction Paint Sample & Packaging


June 17, 2022

The Four Horsemen have sent out an update for those Mythic Legions collectors anticipating the upcoming Deluxe Legion Builders wave:

Easily the most popular figure in the upcoming Deluxe Legion Builders wave – here is a shot of the packaging sample alongside the preproduction paint sample of the Dark Templar!

While the design of this figure is based in part on historical Teutonic Knights, we put our own spin on it, including making these guys a mercenary army serving the interests of the Sons of the Red Star!

Whether you decide to use these characters as a mercenary army or display them as heroic knights, we expect that many Legions fans are excited to get these figures into their collections, their customs, and their photography!

The Deluxe Legions Builders wave will be shipping to our warehouse from our factories in China soon, right on the tail of the Illythia wave shipments that are already on the way! Stay tuned for more details on that wave, and more packaging sample images, soon!

The Illythia wave is already on the way and Deluxe Legions Builder right behind? ┬áSounds awesome to me – bring it!