PAF Vault: McFarlane Toys “Arrow” & “The Flash” (The CW TV Series)

ByBass Mendoza

June 18, 2022

Looking to buy a new figure, but the promo shoots aren’t helping you to make up your mind? That’s what the PAF Vault is for…a series of Non-Promotional Action Figure photos detailing the paint application, articulation, sculpt, and accessories; your best resource to help with the “buy or pass” decision for your collection.

Today, we present you with this duo from The CW tv network’s Arrowverse, as made by McFarlane Toys:

  • Arrow (Season 1 suit) was released on the first wave of DC Multiverse figures back in 2020, and
  • The Flash (Season 7 suit), which has been released recently on the DC Multiverse 2022 lineup

Green Arrow (4 images)

Flash (4 images)

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These days we are very used to seeing great, high-budget, quality superhero content on the small screen, mostly thanks to the streaming revolution; but back in the day -with the exception of some iconic tv shows- lest be honest, most of them sucked.

That all changed in 2012 when a visionary producer named Greg Berlanti decided that his geek legacy would not be all just about that god damn awful Green Lantern movie adaptation, and embarked on an adventure that would become the tip of the arrow for an entire shared universe of DC characters on the silver screen.

This started with Arrow, an adaptation of the Green Arrow mythos that lasted for 8 seasons and fathered many spinoffs, for which this whole enterprise was called “The Arrowverse”. It was a grittier show than say Smallville, with better production values, less campy writing (but not shy on comedy here and there), a more realistic approach, and a vision to bring to life all kinds of characters from the DC Comics pages, played by super good-looking people (this was, after all, a CW show) that could attract not only the geeky fans but also a wider audience.

Never shying away from bolder storylines, they took inspiration from the old “Brave and the Bold” comics, which basically created grand threats that could only be surpassed with a team-up of DC heroes, and created a new live-action version of Barry Allen’s The Flash, who quickly went and became a hit, with his spin-off series launching on 2014. That show went on even as Arrow ended, and it’s looking at its 9th season next year.

As it happens every often in comics and other media, both characters have gone through a series of changes, including their costumes.

For Arrow, McFarlane Toys went with his last suit, which debuted on season 5, and checks most of the traditional aspects of the character: it’s green (although darker, like the show), it has a hood, and he sports a quiver full with trick arrows. The figure does it justice in most aspects, with most of the details intact from the show, a removable quiver with loose arrows, and a bow with a fixated arrow to pose. The likeness of the head sculpt leaves a lot to be desired since Stephen Amell he. is. not.

In the case of The Flash, the sculpt has some semblance to the actor, Grant Gusting, but the torso fails completely at sporting his slender body looks. The suit is taken from the 7h season, which is a mix of old and new: the yellow accents are similar to what was used on DC Rebirth, and the chin-strap is back (thank God, without it, it may have been more comic accurate, but it didn’t translate well on live-action); what is a shame is that the yellow boots came later, for the 8th season upgrade.

And that’s it for this arrivals to the Vault. Run to the comments and let us know if you are adding these two to your shelves, and which other releases would you like to see in this section.