Closer Look: Jazwares Halo: The Spartan Collection – Wave 5: Spartan Jorge


June 21, 2022

Reviewed by:Atsuma

Today I will be reviewing the all new Jazwares Wave 5 Halo figure: Jorge.

This figure, like the last one I reviewed comes from the Halo Series, not the Television Show, but the gaming universe of Halo. Being the long term fan I am of Halo, I decided to see what this new figure has and see if it matches with the games accuracy. Now I’ll get into this characters history a bit.

Jorge, or Noble 5, is a part of the Noble Team seen in Bungie’s last Halo Title: Halo Reach. This huge Spartan lives on the Planet REACH, and went through the Spartan Program to make himself a Spartan. His main weapon that he carriers around is the M247H, or a mini gun turret, as he is strong enough to carry and use this weapon throughout REACH(until his death on a Covenant Cruiser). He sacrificed himself in hopes that he saved REACH.  He did not…but his death and others did not go in vain as it helped get the Master Chief and Cortana off Planet: REACH to find the Halo…

This character was previously made by McFarlane Toys.  The issues a lot of people had with the McFarlane figures was that the figures always looked like they were dipped in tar (over using black paint). This was sometimes overlooked as McFarlane figures for Halo had interchangeable parts where you could customize and create your own Spartan. Now that Jazwares has the rights to creating this series they are going through the multitude of series remaking these characters into figures and classifying them as either the “World of Halo” or “The Spartan Collection”.  The World of Halo series are roughly 4″ tall.  This Jorge figure is apart of “The Spartan Collection” meaning these figures are nicely detailed and 1/12 scale (6″).

So let us get into this beast of a figure shall we?

Sculpt, Articulation, and Paint Application

The sculpt is based on Halo: Reach’s Jorge, a nice tall and bulky like Spartan.

  • Jazwares got the sculpting down to a T on this figure. As the figure is indeed bulky, taller than the rest of the Spartans, able to hold his mini-gun in one hand, and his hefty backpack.
  • His helmet has a nice chromed out colored visor which adds onto the sculpt making it look extremely nice.

The articulations on these types of figures are usually good, and I have to give Jorge a nice 8/10 for articulation. He has good arm, leg, feet and hand/wrist articulation.  Unfortunately, for his waist line swivel joint, if you turn him too much his backpack pops off.

Features and Accessories
  • x1 Jorge Figure
  • x1 Mini Gun
  • x1 Backpack
  • x5 Interchangeable hands


There is one thing I would have added if given the chance:  an alternative head for Jorge. So far Jazwares has given alternate heads to both their Emile and Kat figures, with their human heads. Then for Jorge, we have seen his face and everyone whose played the game knows it too. So, that is the extra feature I would have added.


The quality of the figure is definitely an improvement from the first series. From the first series, the helmets and articulation of the figures were always 50/50. For the visors, some were chromed out while others were not. Same with the articulation, some of the figures had loose articulation or they were just so tight that it felt like the figures would break while posing.

For Jorge, I give it a 9.5/10. The figure is nicely made with plastics, rubbers and has good paint applications. Making this figure big and bulky he should be able to withstand tons of play time and display poses. His visor is chrome, his mini gun it made out of a decent plastic-like rubber, and a light plastic backpack. The backpack does not seem or feel up to standard, as it is a hollowed out light-plastic backpack. The articulation is definitely much better on these figures, with it being not too tight and not too loose. Besides that the overall quality is good.


Its retail price is 22-24, but in reality. I think when considering purchasing this figure it would be  worth buying if the price was around 25, this is due to this figure’s height, nicely detailed paint application, and his large accessories.

So, in overall it would be reasonably priced if you find it for around 25.

Overall Score



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