Closer Look: JoeFest 2022 Exclusive Eagle Force A.S.P.S

June 28, 2022

Reviewed by:Ashley Wilbanks

One of my pick-ups from JoeFest 2022 was the JoeFest exclusive Eagle Force A.S.P.S. action figure. Fresh Monkey Fiction is trying to bring back the old Eagle Force line, but in a bigger scale (1:18) from the original early 80’s releases. The company has a ton of these in the pipeline, with about 10 or so already released.

Of course, this is my first purchase of an action figure from Fresh Monkey Fiction, so this was a nice introduction into the line. I think I fell in love with them, from the moment I took them out of the bag!

Sculpt, Articulation, and Paint Application

The sculpt on this guy was good enough for a toy in the 1:18 scale. The paint application was also spot-on, which is something I love about buying action figures from smaller companies. They really pay close attention to detail, because they are trying to make a name for themselves, and presentation matters. Articulation was about the same as you will find on most modern figures in the 1:18 scale.

Features and Accessories

This action figure comes with a host of accessories. He includes three heads, one space helmet, one beret, one machine gun, one pistol, four pair of hands, goggles, and an additional chest ornament. Unfortunately I was only able to purchase one figure, and with the additional heads, it makes me want to go find more to display the other heads.


I think the quality for this figure is top-notch. He was a tad loose coming straight from the bag, but I am okay with that, because the coolness factor made up for it in my mind. The plastic was nice and not soft like some of the Hasbro Vintage Collection release in the same scale. He had just enough articulation and accessories that definitely make me want to invest more into this line.


The figure was an exclusive to JoeFest 2022, and you could only purchase one per person. Looking at other figures in the line, they are around $26.99, so the cost was equal to a regular release. I think the price is fair, being that the company is smaller and not on the same scale as a Hasbro or McFarlane Toys. But that is just my opinion.

Overall Score



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