Closer Look: Halo Jazwares Wave 5: Spartan Rogue

June 30, 2022

Reviewed by:Atsuma

This figure has no relation to the hit series Halo, besides the idea that this figure was more about the multiplayer aspect of a certain Halo game, Halo 3 to be exact. So, we will be comparing this figure to the Halo: 3 multiplayer.

Halo 3 was one of the hottest hits for the Xbox 360 back in the days, with it being an Xbox Exclusive Game, but this game takes place right after Halo: 2, and picks up with John 117, or Master Chief crashing into a planet where the UNSC meet up with him. During this meet up, an unexpected guest also makes his appearance, his name is the Arbiter. The Arbiter is an Elite that used to be part of the Covenant, but saw their lies, their corrupted resolve, and changed sides. This Halo was supposed to be Master Chief’s last game, as these two save the world, destroyed the Flood, leaving Master Chief presumably dead, but was really floating in space in cryo-sleep.

After completing the campaign, players had an option to put in Disc 2 for the multiplayer aspect of the game. Where players were able to play tons of first person shooting game modes, tons of custom modes made by the community, and much more. One of these was the option to customize the players in-game Spartan with different types of armor pieces. One of the armors in the game was called the “Rogue”.

So, with this out of the way. Shall we get this review started?

Sculpt, Articulation, and Paint Application

The sculpt is a Halo 3 base Spartan with a Rogue Helmet. The base Spartan is merely the Master Chief armor set. In that aspect it looks pretty alright and accurate to the game’s model.

The articulation is definitely much better. Where it is not too tight nor too loose, to which this was a huge issue back in the earlier figures. Another thing I would like to point out is that upon the backs of the Spartans, there is a way you pull out this little removable back piece, and put it back in with a peg outwards. This peg is made to hold bigger weapons like the MA40 Assault Rifle on the back of the Spartans. This feature was not common in Series One, but now in every figure it seems like this feature is getting better and better. Since like in the series 1 of the “Spartan Collection”, Kat’s back peg is un-reversible and is stagnant. Then we go to our series 5 Rogue, they made it much better and easily accessible.

The paint application is spectacular. As it mocks EXACTLY like the Halo 3 multiplayer Spartans would be if you chose Blue as your primary and Red as your secondary. Also, they gold chromed the helmet’s visor, so that is a huge plus. The Brute Shot, the grenade launcher looking weapons, also looks exactly like it was in Halo 3 with its paint colors and details. Lastly, the Energy Sword… it is merely okay, as it does not really even need paint as it is a Plasma based weapon. So, a simple light blue translucent plastic mold with a painted handled would have been fine. Yet, they went ahead and painted a bit upon the blade this darkish blue stuff… which to me, does not look too great.

Features and Accessories
  • 1 Spartan
  • 5 Interchangeable Hands
  • 1 Brute Shot
  • 1 Energy Sword
  • Fully Articulated
  • Body Swivel
  • Head Movement

The quality of the figure has definitely improved. To the outside view people will just think its just another figure, but the quality of these figures slightly improve from the previous series of figures. For example, Emile from Series 2, his visor is not chromed out, and his left panel upon his leg does not hold his pistol very well. Then we look upon the Rogue figure. His leg panels are much better and able to holster a pistol properly, and his visor is chromed out. That improves the quality a lot, however there is one issue with this figure when it comes to quality wise.

Sometimes the figure is difficult to keep standing for long periods of time, since for some reason the ankle joint seems a bit messed up. It is difficult to pose the ankles properly, but besides that the overall Quality is definitely and improvement.


The figure’s retail pricing is 22-24 dollars, but it would be a worth pick up if it was marked at 24.

Overall Score



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