GI Joe Classified HasLab H.I.S.S. – Upgrade #2 is Unlocked

June 30, 2022

If the G.I. Joe Classified H.I.S.S. project reaches 12,000 (currently at 10,844 Backers) backers before the campaign ends, you will unlock the Classified Upgrade #2 – the Retro Pack!

To display your H.I.S.S. closer to the classic 80s vehicle design, you’ll get a swappable, single-piece canopy with a rear hinge that attaches to the cockpit, as well as removable retro armor-plating skirts inspired by the original toy to go over your treads!

This HasLab campaign will run until August 15, 2022. Back the G.I. Joe Cobra H.I.S.S. for $299.99 | £299.99 UK | €349.99 DE
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