Pre-Order: DC Direct drops new announcements for Batman and Harley Quinn Statues

July 5, 2022

First seen on Entertainment Earth and BBTS today, we get our first look at three new statues coming out from the DC Direct and McFarlane Toys partnership.

These are very special since they are all new designs, not ones the original DCD team left in pre-production, this means that in the future we could potentially be seeing more artists represented in line with Todd McFarlane artistic tastes!

While we wait for more of those, let’s jump into the details of each one, and don’t forget to pre-order yours!

  • Batman Black & White (Freddie E. Williams II)
    • August 2022 – $124,99
    • Entertainment EarthBigBadToyStore
    • This statue is a stunningly designed piece that captures an iconic Batman look and design. Fun fact: this is the first statue in the line to actually feature a bat in the piece as well.


  • Batman Black & White (Oliver Coipel)
    • November 2022 – $124,99
    • Entertainment EarthBigBadToyStore
    • Based on his cover of ‘I Am Batman #2’, this statue depicts Jace Fox as Batman crashing in to descend upon a group of goons. Standing approximately 10.9″ tall, with a dynamically sculpted cape, and peg to keep Batman elevated off the base, this statue is a must-have for fans of this line as well as fans of Oliver Coipel’s work.
  • Harley Quinn Red, White & Black  (Derrick Chew)
    • November 2022 – $124,99
    • Entertainment EarthBigBadToyStore
    • Following the events of Death Metal, our favorite characters have to confront dramatic new oppressive regimes trying to eradicate masked heroes and vigilantes. Always a source of individuality and freedom in her own chaotic way, Harley Quinn is not one for conformity. Standing approximately 7.75″ tall, this statue is based on the cover ‘Future State Harley Quinn #1’ by Derrick Chew depicting Harley in her new Future State outfit bashing in robots belonging to the Magistrate.