Closer Look: Halo Jazwares Series 5: Halo 5 Kelly


July 6, 2022

The Halo series is all about our Master Chief, saving the world while going on an Epic adventure around the Halo Ring; however, this concept ended when 343 Industries, or Microsoft, received it after Bungie gave up the rights for the gaming series. Due to 343 Industries receiving Halo, they have been nothing, but ruining each game with bringing in things that just do not make sense. 343 made now three new installments, plus a call back to the old games with one huge bundle, but out of this we will be talking about Halo 5, what people consider one of the crappiest Halo Games out there to exist, but had a decent multiplayer that pay to win.

Personally, I loved the multiplayer and hated the Campaign.

The whole story of Halo 5 is quite simple. While Master Chief and his Blue Team are off hunting his rampant AI pal, Cortana, the UNSC and ONI has deployed Agent Locke and Silver team to go bring John (Master Chief) back, and they have an option to kill Master Chief. At the end, John meets Cortana one last time and then it just ends…

In this review we will be discussing mainly on a Figure that Jazwares made from Master Chief’s Blue Team. Her name is Kelly, as she is the team’s close quarters spartan that deals tons of damage with her custom tactical shotgun. She and the members of Blue Team are actually old friends of Master Chief, as they are also part of the Spartan IIs wave. This means she is pretty dang strong, and was apart of the Spartan Program early on.

With that out of the way, shall we get into the review?

Sculpt, Articulation, and Paint Application

I am not much of a Kelly fan, nor do I know if her armor is actually in the Multiplayer section of Halo 5, so this will be all about her appearance within the Campaign.

Overall, I think the sculpt of the figure matches exactly her from the Campaign . There would be a couple things that would improve this model a whole lot, like some weathering effects. Since unlike the multiplayer Spartans, this Spartan is always in combat during the Campaign and her armor does show tons of scuffs, and that would definitely make her figure look better.

Besides that, the helmet’s sculpt is one of the better things upon the figure. With the dome like visor that is fully chrome painted, to the pearl white armor coating, and lastly her cool armor sculpt is beyond amazing as well. Another thing that makes her cool, is that her shot gun is custom painted like it was in game for her.

The articulation on the figure is perfect; however, there is an issue with the left arm with the joint being too loose. Besides that there is the regular articulation of the waist, ankles, elbows, knees, head and toe joints.

Features and Accessories


  • 1x Figure- Kelly
  • 5x Interchangeable Hands
  • 1x Halo 4/5 Shotgun
  • 1x Halo 5 Pistol


  • Wrist Articulation
  • Waist and Chest Swivel
  • Head Articulation on a Ball Joint
  • Interchangeable Hands
  • Ankle and Foot Articulation
  • Toe joint
  • Knee, and Elbow joints
  • and Upper Leg and Arm joints

The overall quality is definitely 10/10, but with the loose left arm and the hands being unable to properly hold her tactical shotgun well, I am dropping the overall quality to a 8.5


This Figure is around the prices of $22-24, but it is worth picking up if it was $25.

Overall Score



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