PAF Vault: Mondo Gecko – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Ultimates by Super7

July 6, 2022

From the sewers of New York, our lizardly friend is the next resident of our Vault, the exclusive feature of a set of Non-Promotional Action Figure photos that puts on the spotlight every detail, angle, and accessory, so you can know the figures inside out before picking up from the store shelf.

Mondo Gecko is based on his appearance in the 1987 cartoon of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, designed to fit the aesthetics of the Ultimates line by Super7, and it was released in February 2022, as part of their Wave 4.

Mondo Gecko (4 images)

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Depending on where you’re seeing him, Gecko has a bit of a different backstory; he has been popular enough to appear in comics, spin-offs, modern cartoons, and even games! But today we’re focusing on the original toon, where he shares a common origin with our shell-y friends. He began his life as a normal pet lizard, and like many of his real-life counterparts ended up in the sewers of the city… only to stumble into an Ooze spill, that mutated him the same way as the Turles.

He wasn’t lucky enough to find a father like Splinter, though. He was found by Mr. X, a crimelord who raised him in the ways of street ganging and thievery (and apparently skating too?). During one of his “jobs”, he stumbled into Michelangelo (and his bad case of insomnia), who empathized almost immediately with his mutated fellow, and convinced him to turn on Mr. X, his life of crime, and become a do-gooder.

After this, he became a neighbor to the Turtles in the sewers; and even helped them when there was a wave of abductions among the mutant community in New York.

Beyond those 2 episodes (Michelangelo Meets Mondo Gecko, Dirk Savange: Mutant Hunter), he was prominently seen as part of the Mighty Mutanimals, another group of heroes in the TMNT comics, sporting the same looks, skate ride, and persona that Super7 has used for this release; although this figure is less bulky than its tv counterpart it shares more similarities with the vintage Playmates figures than the more stylized NECA version.

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