Leaked: New In-Hand Look at the Arkham Knight Scarecrow and Red Hood Figures by McFarlane Toys

July 11, 2022

It’s been happening since the dawn of time (well, not really, since 2021, but you know what I’m getting at), every special release by McFarlane Toys has been followed by a regular one, or most often, vice versa.

In this case, the Gold Label Collection variants for Red Hood and Scarecrow from the Arkham Knight game were the first to come out as McFarlane Store exclusives -now shipping-, and today, thanks to Noe from FB we have confirmation via pictures, that we’re indeed getting a regular figure from both of them, without special colors and straight from the designs of the game.

Other than the paint application, it seems that they come with the same things in the box, and I wouldn’t be surprised if these get announced and go up for pre-order this weekend, once the Summer Showdown begins on the 14th.

So stay tuned as we bring you an update on this and other new releases, ready to complete an already crowded year for McFarlane Toys.