Leaked: McFarlane Toys Weekly Leaks Recap (July 13)

ByBass Mendoza

July 13, 2022

The dam broke hard this week and we are flooding in lists, in-hand pics, and more “unofficial” announcements. With that in mind, let me try and bring it all together to enjoy in a single bite what we’ve learned so far; but first, major props to all the sources who got us all these juicy news: Jijunetoc, Alex Chen, Jaden White, jwmp_show, and Matt’s Box Toy Store.

Pre-Orders list by Matt’s Box Toy Store

On the store’s Facebook page we’ve got a list of upcoming releases with a street date between September-October (for Asia, keep in mind). Between that, the mention of San Diego Comic-Con variants, and the presence of the -already in stores- Super Powers line, I’m inclined to believe that this is somewhat the lineup of reveals we’ll get this weekend during McFarlane’s Summer Showcase.

Better in-hand look at the Arkham wave and Ocean Master

Earlier this week, we got a glimpse at the regular variants of AK’s Red Hood and Scarecrow (and even a new Arkham City Infected Joker!), and now, thanks to the aforementioned users, we have better pictures to share with you: looks like Scarecrow will get his best versions with a regular body and a Gold Label head -but that’s just me- and keep in mind that Red Hood doesn’t come with those weapons, they are from takaratony3000.


And even further, we got our first look at the Ocean Master figure; since the movie version was so accurate, we can’t confirm right now 100% if this is a comic version or an Aquaman 2 release.

New-er leaks

Finally, our trusted friend Jijunetoc has some news for us. If you’re wondering why he releases the news this way, rather than the old lists, it’s all for his safety, so forgive him (and us) if we don’t have the most detailed account of these, but eventually, we get better info on each one. So far, we can inform you that these are going to be the new figures:

  • DC Direct Page Punchers – Gorilla Grodd 10″ Megafig
    • Looks like the Page Punchers have come to stay, and a Megafig with this format? Interesting.
  • McFarlane Toys – Speedmetal BAF wave
    • This could be huge for The Flash fans, getting the Death Metal Flash suits for Wally West (Blue Dr. Manhattan powers version), Barry Allen, Jay Garrick, and Wallace West. The Build A figure could potentially be The Darkest Knight, a shadow version of The Batman Who Laughs, boring in design but an easy choice. We’ll have to wait and see.
  • McFarlane Toys – Wallace West (Kid Flash) Gold Label Collection variant
    • This means that we should be getting a regular release as well, both easy retools from the previous Flash figures. MAybe even his version from Future State?
  • McFarlane Toys – Frankenstein 10″ Megafig
    • This is one of those more obscure/lesser-known DC Comics characters that definitely fit the “cool factor/monsters sell” that Todd loves so much. I’d love to share his story on a future PAF Vault update!
  • McFarlane Toys – Deadman Gold Label Collection variant
    • We could be getting now one, but two Deadman releases? Count me in! -I’m following the same logic here, if there’s a Gold Label, there’s a regular one too-
  • McFarlane Toys – Mongul 10″ Megafig
    • I’m thinking of something as big, cool, and menacing as the JL Darkseid, a proper megafig, and I just giggle with excitement (even though he’s treated like quite a joke from time to time)

  • DC Direct Page Punchers – Captain Cold 7″
    • We’ll have to see if this comes with an exclusive comic like the first wave of this bigger-scale line, or a reprint of an iconic story like the smaller ones.
  • McFarlane Toys – Shazam 2 Fury of the Gods
    • This is a no-brainer, and based on what we’ve got for Black Adam (and The Batman before), I can totally see 2 or 3 variants of Shazam himself, an assortment of the Marvel family, and one villain… or we could be sticking to just the big guy, given that the hype is not so big on this movie.
  • DC Direct Page Punchers – Joker (DC Rebirth) 3″
    • There’s a lot from where to pick here, both for the figure and the comic itself, but this shows us that they don’t have a specific guideline with this line, it can be both new stuff or picking from the extensive DC comics catalog.
  • DC Direct Page Punchers – Batman (Injustice 2) 7″
    • I’m not a big fan of this particular design of Batman, but if more people read the incredible Injustice comics that expanded the lore of the game, I’m super stoked for it.
  • DC Direct Page Punchers – Supergirl (Injustice 2) 7″
    • With a second leak like this, I do consider that maybe these will be just regular DC Multiverse releases rather than Page Punchers, but regardless, it would be awesome to get our first Supergirl from Todd.
  • McFarlane Toys – The Atom
    • Jijunetoc told me that this is going to be a comic release, and he usually doesn’t pick random pictures, so we are most likely getting the Ryan Choi version, from DC Rebirth, rather than a more classic Ray Palmer edition.

Oof, that’s a lot to digest, but it seems that even in the second half of the year, Todd McFarlane is nowhere near dropping his pace on releases. Wallets cry all over the world!