Closer Look: Jazwares Halo Wave 5: CE Master Chief

July 14, 2022

Master Chief, an iconic name and an iconic figure for many years in the gaming industry, especially within the Xbox community. Many believe this gaming figure helped in inspiring more first person shooters like it. Yet this figure is more important than this, as it is based on the first appearance of Master Chief. We call this the Combat Evolved Master Chief or for short, CE Master Chief. This is because the first Halo game that came out was on the first Xbox Console, and the title was Halo: Combat Evolved. It was a masterpiece of a game at the time with a fun campaign, and an fun, addictive local multiplayer for everyone to enjoy. It was so popular at the time, that tons of people all over the world hosted LAN (Local Area Network) parties in rented out Movie Theatres for countless nights.

The first Halo game takes place right after Halo: REACH, where Master Chief awakes from Cryo-Sleep, meets Cortana and the Covenant, and found HALO. During this journey, your job as Master Chief after crash landing on the HALO is to shatter the Covenant’s resolve. They believe this HALO ring will bring them to their “Great Destiny”, but this ring will kill all living beings. At the end, he shatters the ring and ends the Covenant’s massive resolve into re-awakening the ring. Then he is shipped off in a carrier ship with the exploding ring behind him.

That is a little back history into this character, but now I think we should get into the figure itself.

Sculpt, Articulation, and Paint Application

The overall sculpt of the figure is definitely a huge one up from the McFarlane version of the figure, but I have to say that McFarlane had the articulation and colors of the figure better. Since Jazwares has gained the rights to the Halo series and its figure making, they decided to remake the figure, but personally like stated prior… McFarlane just made a better version overall.


First, the sculpt. Jazwares’ sculpt of the figure is nice and bulky like the old 2000’s style in games where everything was nice polygons that defined shapes. It looks almost like the Master Chief from the game, but it has more detail on it than the gaming figure, so that is a nice little touch of modern to it. The whole figure is nicely modernized, and can be seen as so.

Second, the articulation. This is probably the reason why this figure in general hardly stands, and does indeed need a nice waist-clamp stand. Since the figure is top heavy and you can hardly move anything around the chest piece. The head can only turn (slightly) left and right, unable to turn or adjust the chest swivel much without the figure coming apart, and sometimes it just refused to stand properly due to this weight. Besides that, his arms and legs move and have the typical Halo figure articulation, which means it has the elbow and knee joints, wrist joints, ankle joints, and torso joint.

Lastly, the paint. In my personal opinion, I do not like the paint on it. This is because these figures are supposed to be almost identical to the game, and yet… here we are having 2 versions of the CE Master Chief, with them both having the same paint. The green is just too bright; however, the silver scuff marks like stated prior give the figure a nice touch of modernization. The painted chrome helmet is also a neat part of it.

Features and Accessories


  • x1 Master Chief Figure
  • x1 MA40 Assault Rifle
  • x1 CE Pistol
  • x5 Interchangeable Hands


  • Ankle Joints
  • Terrible Chest/Torso/Waist Joint
  • Terrible Head/Helmet Joint
  • Arm/Upper Leg Joints
  • Elbow and Knee Joints
  • Leg Peg Holder, and Back Peg Holder
  • Toe Joint
  • Wrist Articulation

Overall quality is a 7.5, and this is because of the terrible torso and head articulation. This should have never been an issue as it should have been resolved after this figure’s first release in the GameStop exclusive 2-pack. Same with the coloring on the paint, that should have been reconsidered as well. It is highly recommended to have a stand for this figure which will need to be purchased separately and further drops my score on quality.


Besides that, the Figure Quality is like the rest of the figures that Jazwares are making. Nice plastic, weapons are made out a soft moldable plastic, possibly rubber, and a nice chrome visor. Then the nice painted on details with the scuff marks, and colored lighting upon the figure just adds into the charm of this Modernized CE Master Chief.


I do not think the value on this figure should be too high, so if it being sold for 17-19 then it is a worthy price.


Value: $18

Overall Score