LooseCollector The Wolfman Prototype on Display at Toycon PH 2022

LooseCollector Toys had a presence on the show floor at Toycon PH 2022 a couple of weeks ago, showcasing their upcoming The Monster Hyde figure from The Crypt line, but they also had a nice surprise in the display cabinet. The company put the prototype for their upcoming The Wolfman figure as well. The Wolfman looks like he will stack up very well against the huge Monster Hyde figure.

If The Wolfman is like the Monster Hyde figure, then you can expect a 1/12 scale action figure (that really stands around 10 inches tall), around 30 points of articulation, multiple interchangeable hands, possibly an alternate head and will most likely cost around the same at the $104.99 price point. The only thing shown was the figure so I can’t say for sure what accessories the final solicited version will be in the box.

Hyde is massive, and the Wolfman looks to equal him in every way. I am certainly looking forward to their take on Dracula, Creature from the Black Lagoon and Frankenstein. Check out the photos below from the Instagram account of Erik Eleazar.

Instagram – Erik Eleazar