Your San Diego Comic-Con 2022 Exclusives Action Figure Guide!

Are you traveling to San Diego this weekend, and need a prep guide on what SDCC exclusive action figures are going to be available and where? Well look no further than this handy-dandy list that the fine folks at Project Action Figure have put together for you!

San Diego Comic-Con is the time of year where fans get together to celebrate their geekdom and to spend money like there is no tomorrow! The experience of just going through the doors at the convention can be overwhelming, so knowing how to navigate the convention floor, and especially knowing what is available is valuable information that you will need.

As you can see from the list below, and believe me this is not all-inclusive as several companies have not announced their exclusives yet, there are quite a few action figures to choose from. Whether you are into DC Comics, G.I. Joe, Marvel or something a little more obscure like Gremlins, toy companies will be glad to take care of you (and your money) with a fantastic selection of exclusive action figures at San Diego Comic-Con 2022!

Check out the list below, alphabetized by company, and click on the link for more information about the product.

Beast KingdomDiamond Select FigBizHasbroHiya ToysJazzwaresLoyal SubjectsMattelMondoNECAStorm CollectiblesSuper7