New Masterverse and Origins Preorders At Target

July 21, 2022

Target has released some new Masters of the Universe preorders including two Target exclusives.  Here’s what they have to offer:

Masterverse Sun-Man

Preorder Link – 19.99

Sun-Man, from The Rulers of the Sun, comes with 30 points of articulation and includes a battle sword, shield and pair of swappable hands.

Masterverse He-Man (The New Adventures of He-Man) – Target Exclusive

Preorder Link – 21.99 (Target Exclusive)

This version of He-Man is based off the second animated series which originally aired in 1990.  The New Adventures of He-Man is Target exclusive, features 30 points of articulation, and includes a removable chest plate, chest harness, helmet, power sword and shield.

Masters of the Universe 40th Anniversary He-Man

Preorder Link – 21.99

Celebrating 40 years of Masters of the Universe, this He-Man has a vintage look in a Masterverse 7″ size action figure.  He-Man has 30 points of articulation and includes a power sword, shield, axe and pair of swappable hands.

Sun-Man and The Rulers of the Sun 3-pack – Target Exclusive

Preorder Link – 49.99 (Target Exclusive)

Kick off your Rules of the Sun collection the right way: with this 3-pack of action figures.  Sun-Man (Flat Top), Space Sumo, and Pig-Head are included and each is unique to this set.  Sun-Man has a release in Origins already with a different hair style.  Pig-Head also has an Origins release (coming very soon to your favorite retailer).  The difference between these two releases are the paint applications, the 3-pack has metallic details on the armor and shield.  Last but definitely not least is Space Sumo, who sees his first release in the Origins line in this multipack.  This set includes trading cards for each character with each figure having 16 points of articulation.  Pig-Head includes a flail, shield and removable chest harness, Sun-Man includes wings, a shield, sword and removable chest armor, and Space Sumo includes a samurai-style sword, removable chest harness and removable ninja mask.