San Diego Comic-Con 2022 is underway and the photos are starting to come in from the convention floor! The latest photos come from the Previews booth featuring some pretty nice product from threezero! From the images below (courtesy of threezero’s facebook page), we get a look at some of their upcoming Trnasformers, Power Rangers, Naruto and Iron Man offerings!

Check out the image gallery below for a look at what is currently on display from threezero at the Previews booth.

About threezero:

threezero, founded by Kim Fung Wong, is one of the original producers of the Hong Kong designer figure style. threezero began by producing 12-inch figures in special forces uniforms around the year 2000 and pioneered metal weapons and accessories for these figures. threezero has since extended its toy range to designer vinyl collectibles. With goals such as creating vivid best-in-class toys featuring a perfect balance between articulation and esthetic, threezero is now recognized worldwide. The company offers a wide range of amazing action figures from a diverse list of properties that include¬†Transformers, Power Rangers, Game of Thrones, Ultraman, Fallout,¬†anime/manga, and others. Fans of Megatron, Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Storm Shadow, and Iron Man should also check out the ever-evolving selection below, as well. Exquisite detail and exceptional articulation mark these unique action figures, so you don’t want to miss a single one!