SDCC Reveal: Storm Collectibles Mortal Kombat 1/6 Noob Saibot


July 21, 2022

Storm Collectibles continues on with another reveal, this time for their 1/6 Mortal Kombat line:  Noob Saibot.  Set for release first quarter 2023, this 1/6 scale action figure includes:

  • Sickle
  • 3 Attack Effects
  • 4 Interchangeable Pairs of Hands

Here’s some background information provided by Storm Collectibles on this new Kombatant and some preview photos for the release.  Now…Finish Him!

Noob Saibot’s origins are unknow, but he is likely a revenant: a fallen warrior resurrected by the Netherrealm sorcerer Quan Chi to fulfill a dark objective. Noob has been assigned to aid Shao Kahn in his acquisition of Earthrealm. A faithful servant and a recent addition to the Brotherhood of Shadow, he will obey his master, Quan Chi, and complete his mission. But he is biding his time. Noob Saibot has a dark objective of his own.