Skeletor’s Guide To Upcoming Masters of the Universe Releases


July 26, 2022

Mattel had a very impressive showing at SDCC 2022 and now they have teamed up with Skeletor to create a guide to some of their reveals.  Let’s sit down and see what the bonehead has to teach us.

Masterverse Wave ?

From left to right is Sorceress Evil Lyn from Revelations, Roboto, Stratos, and Frosta from Princess of Power.  All are Spring 2023 releases and may not be in a single wave (these may be mixed into other waves).

Masters of the Universe Origins Grizzlor

The fuzzy (and possibly lovable?) Grizzlor joins the Masters of the Universe Origins line as an online exclusive.  Look for this release on Mattel Creations this Fall.

Masters of the Universe Origins Camo Khan

Camo Khan may not have his iconic water spraying action but he will still sell out as an online exclusive.  Like Grizzlor, look for this release on Mattel Creations this Fall.

Masters of the Universe Origins – Rise of the Snake Men

The reptiles are returning to Masters of the Universe.  The Snake Men have been a part of almost every Masters of the Universe line and will join the Origins next year.  Coming in 2023 are releases of:  Snake Armor He-Man, Rattlor, Cobra Khan (no water spraying action), and Bolt-Man from Rulers of the Sun.

Masters of the Universe Castle Grayskull

This Castle Grayskull is based on the Netflix CGI series.  No information on release date, size, or price.  Gee, thanks Skeletor.


If you’re a longtime Masters of the Universe collector, that one word says it all.  The Eternia playset will be released in the Masters of the Origins line and will be sold on Mattel Creations as a crowdfunded item (for those unfamiliar this is Mattel’s version of Has Lab).  Eternia The Ultimate Battleground will be available for pre-orders this Fall and is ginormous.  Now the big question is:  how much will it cost?

MOTU X Fall Guys

The latest trend in video games will have Masters of the Universe releases this Fall coordinating with an in-game multipack of skins for the beans.

And that’s all for today’s class.  Thanks to Skeletor and Mattel for keeping us all in the loop.  And as usual, stay tuned for more information on these and other upcoming Masters of the Universe releases.