Marvel Legends Retro 375 Wave 5 Found Under 5.00


July 27, 2022

PAF reader JB found a great deal on Marvel Legends Retro 375 figures at…Kroger?  Yes, the grocery store chain Kroger expanded in the past few years to include toy aisles in some of their stores.  His store had the following wave five releases available:  Mr. Fantastic, Dark Phoenix, Falcon, and Venom.  While these were on sale for 4.89, the regular price shown on the shelf tag has them at 6.99.  Either price is a good deal on this line as most stores sell them in the 10-12$ range.  If you’re missing some for your collection or just looking to snag a few at a cheap price definitely check out your local Kroger stores.  And if you do find some deals while out hunting (on any action figures) be sure to report in and let us know!