Pre-Order: Warhammer 40K’s Orks Squighog Nob On Smasha Squig by JoyToy

ByBass Mendoza

July 28, 2022

JoyToy is back at it again! This year has been crazy prolific for the Chinese collectibles maker, especially on their Warhammer 40k license, with almost weekly announcements, and their recent jump into other factions besides the Space Marines.

Warhammer 40k – Orks Squighog Nob On Smasha Squig 3.75in

Pre-order links: Big Bad Toy Store Cool Toys Club

Now comes the first ride/vehicle of the line for the battle-thirsty Orks, with the Smasha Squig, a bipedal wrecking ball wit a tendency to headbutt everything, and its rider, a Squighog Nob… only the heaviest of war machines can hope to stand in the way of this powerful cavalry unit.

As expected by now, the small scale of the line is no excuse, and we get a release filled with details, extensive articulation, and a fine addition to any army builder out there.