Closer Look: Jazwares Halo: Deluxe Wave 1 Master Chief and “The Weapon”

July 29, 2022

Reviewed by:Atsuma

The Master Chief is awoken once again after being knocked out, and dropped from one of the UNSC Carrier Ships by the Legendary Brute called Artiox, This Legendary Brute stood up to the Covenant and created a new order of troops that are mainly composed of Brutes, but also includes Grunts, Elites, Jackals, and Hunters. They are called the Banished, and unlike the Covenant they are ruthless. This is due to the Brutes, as they are more brutal and dangerous than a regular Elite. So, once Master Chief is awakened from Cryo-Sleep in Space, we meet “The Pilot”, as he is someone that stole this UNCS Pelican after the Carrier Ship fell. You, the Master Chief, and the Pilot start their journey through Zeta Halo. During this journey, they make a special trip to find a special friend, a clone of Cortana called “The Weapon”. Throughout the journey of Zeta Halo, we learn the following; Cortana is dead, Cortana destroyed Atriox’s home, which led the Banished to Destroy the UNSC, and that the Banished were trying to release “The Forgotten” on Zeta Halo. Yet once again, Master Chief defeats the current leader of the Banished, Escharum. This Brute is one of Artiox’s leaders, and took over after Atriox’s supposed death. Then Master Chief, The Pilot, and “The Weapon” begin their next journey. To find and rebuild the UNCS from the remains.

That is a little backstory from the game Halo: Infinite, as to which this 2 pack set is based off of.

With that out of the way, shall we get into the review?

Sculpt, Articulation, and Paint Application

This deluxe class figure set comes with two figures. A Master Chief and a small “The Weapon” figure. Keep this in mind while I am going through the sculpt, Articulation and the Paint Application.

Master Chief
The overall sculpt of the figure is based on Halo: Infinite’s Master Chief. Where 343 reverted their awful changes to Master Chief’s armor from the Previous 2 games back to a more modern version of his MJOLNIR Armor. The sculpt of the figure is almost exactly like the armor from Halo infinite.

The overall articulation of the figure is still the same, and has not improved from the last Spartan that Jazwares has produced. Where it has the normal; arms, legs, wrists, and etc. type of articulation. It is very posable; however, like Jorge’s torso joint it seems like a lot of these figures are hardly posable or turnable in that aspect. This goes for the Master Chief as well, trying to pose him in a twisting pose the figure pops apart.

Paint Applications
Unlike the other 9 variants of Master Chief, this Master Chief’s paint application is definitely much better in quality and looks more like a Spartan. Since Spartans are basically Human Weapons created to bring peace and enforcement to the world during events like if the Covenant starts to terrorize a region. Master Chief’s armor is beaten up and has silver scuffs along with black places to represent seared marks upon the armor, which is a nice touch to these figures. Yet his color Green, is almost identical to the game and makes this figure’s paint application great.

“The Weapon”
The Sculpt of the figure is also based on Halo: Infinite’s Ai called “The Weapon”, as she is a Clone of Cortana. Overall, the sculpt is pretty cool. Since this scale figure is actually similar to their other series called “The World Of Halo”, where the figures are approximately 3.75 inches tall, with little details and tons of variety in characters. Plus the plastic they used to model this figure is a nice translucent blue. It looks like “The Weapon” from the game, so personally I think the sculpt it nice.


There is not much to say on the Articulation. Since this figure, has barely any upon her mold. Only simple arm, head and leg articulations, but due to how she stands on her Plight Stand… her ankles have a simple swivel, Besides that, it is lack luster in that department.

Paint Application
This is 50/50 on the figure, due to how there is painted plastic that has been molded into the figure to give her a nice AI looking attire, plus giving her the look like she is wearing her UNSC Jump Suit Attire; However, there is a poor paint application within her eyes. As they simply painted in dots for the eyes, so that is quite pitiful.

Features and Accessories


  • Glow Plight Base
  • A Posable “The Weapon”
  • Chest and Waist Articulation
  • Helmet/Head Articulation
  • Wrist joints
  • Ankle joints
  • Interchangeable Hands
  • Articulated Arms and Legs
  • Toe Joint


  • x1 Mini “The Weapon” Figure
  • x1 Plight Stand
  • x4 interchangeable Hands
  • 1x Plasma Pistol
  • 1x Energy Sword
  • 1x MA40 Assault Rifle
  • 1x Sidekick
  • x1 Master Chief Figure

The overall Quality of the figure is definitely a huge plus, due to this figure being a Deluxe Figure. I am also overall impressed with this figure, due to how Images only shared that this figure would have a new hand sculpt; Hand holding “The Weapon”, which was kind of alright in my opinion. Yet, when it arrived it was a massive box with this special added-on Glow Plight Stand and “The Weapon”, so that increases the quality quite a bit.

Overall, the quality is a nice 9.5 overall.


This figure is definitely could be worth more, due to the Plight Stand and added “The Weapon” figure. If this figure was around the ranges of 33-38, then it would be worth it.

Overall: 34.99

Overall Score



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