Action Force Special Deployment Series Pre-Order Update

August 4, 2022 , ,

Bobby Vala has released an update concerning the pre-order status for the Action Force Special Deployment series. Check out all the details below!

First, a big THANK YOU needs to go out to everyone that pre-ordered Action Force Series 3. The number of new customers that came in for Series 3 was awesome! Guess it shows that the female characters of Action Force were highly anticipated. If you haven’t seen it yet, we posted a shot of some in package samples on our social media pages.

Now for some more great news! The time has come for the Special Deployment Series to go up for pre-order! You can view this series on by following the link below. We’ve got some new items in addition to some reissues of Series 1 items. The pre-orders will officially open at 11:00am Est on Friday, August 5th. There is no deadline for the pre-orders at this point, but we will provide that update as it gets closer. As it was with previous pre-orders, you will only be permitted to pre-order the Special Deployment Series and cannot add items from any other series to that order. Just like Series 3, the Special Deployment Series will be arriving at our warehouse this fall so it’s just around the corner.

There have also been some updates made to to make ordering and navigating much easier. We put a quick update video on our YouTube channel which, you can find below.